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T-55 Returns to the Russian frontlines

 The Russian army has suffered tremendous tank losses during its invasion of Ukraine. To replace the losses it has been forced to field older, obsolete, tank models like T-72B, T-72A and T-62M(V). Some of these have been slightly upgraded with ERA and new thermal sights and most have at least seen limited refurbishment by the Russian tank depots. T-55 in a Russian frontline unit in Ukraine. Now Russia has sen at least a battalions worth of ancient T-55 tanks straight from their long term storage dumps to the Zaporozhye front in Ukraine. These are essentially 1940's technology medium tanks that should have no place in the modern battlefield. Seems that the Russian high command is seriously worried about the coming Ukrainian spring offensive and is using all means available to reinforce the units that are lacking main battle tanks. Here is my video about the T-55: Identification of the T-55: The older and smaller T-55 and T-62 have five roadwheels in their suspensions, the later mode