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2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, part 1: Mechanized forces prevail

  2022 will undoubtedly go down in history as the most influential year so far into this millennium. The unprovoked Russian full scale invasion into Ukraine shook the foundations of the international political order that had evolved when the West thought the Cold War ended. It also wiped out the credibility of the Russian armed forces, economy and leadership. While the war between Russia and Ukraine had been a reality since 2014, the invasion led to a scale of warfare not seen in Europe since 1945. Ukrainian T-64BV MBT during the battles in Eastern Ukraine The initial Russian concept of capitulating Ukraine by overwhelming its army and taking over Kyiv with a strategic strike was a sound one in theory. The reality of the Russian preparations, logistics, training and morale made such grandiose plans impossible to be successfully executed.  While the Russian lack of even basic skills at every level of their organization from individual riflemen to corps headquarters came as a shock to mo